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Power Slab offers fast quotes....Talk to an engineer or repair tech todayanswer 7 simple questions, send an image of the problem area by email, our software pulls up your home, draws it out by cad and within 1 hour by telephone you can have a hassle free quote fast and quick...No Commitments...No Obligations...No High Pressure...
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Who We Are

Power Slab a division of HomeShield Concrete serves the entire United States with franchise offices offering you foundation repair. We also service the Middle East as well as Europe. We are the industry leader in protecting your home.
We are the industry leader in protecting your home concrete foundation to last a lifetime.

We offer fast quotes...same day service...Talk to an engineer or repair tech today and within 1 hour you can have a hassle free quote fast and quick...No Commitments...No Obligations...No High Pressure...Call today 866-228-6325 for a free estimate.

Why You Should Choose PowerSlab Foundation Repair
1. A+ Better Business Bureau Rated
2. Lifetime Home Warranty Protection
3. Better Price, Better Pier Guarantee
4. Stronger Piers
5. Lots of Pier Products To Choose From
6. We customize each pier for each problem
7. Industry Bests GUARANTEED
8. Engineers that care about your home
9. The PowerSlab Pump Jack System is the best
10.Experienced Crews-We employee our own Professional Repair Technicians who take great pride in your home foundation repair.
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Repair Process tailored to each homeowner problem.
1. Each home is different and there is never only one type of pier you should use because each foundation is different due to soil, water and climate conditions.
2. We analyze the soil, taking the age of the home, square footage, how many load bearing walls, the type of brick, siding, wood, rock or other outside structure for your walls, any fireplaces, garages, gutter systems and where the water drains from your home and use simple math in discovering where your home is finding weak support.
3. We then dig holes with our specialized equipment that are 2x2 squares around the perimeter of your home keeping the care to make sure your yard is kept in good shape.
4. Depending on the type of pier we use several different pieces of equipment from excavators that use hydraulic attachments as well as multiple electric pump machines to push piers deep in the ground. 
5. The pier is then pushed into place with our PowerSlab Pump Jacks to sit directly underneath your slab footing.
6. The pier is then tied directly into your footing with unique steel reinforced concrete using a 90,000 lb pump jack bolt. Sometimes up to 8 different ones are used at a time giving a staggering 720,000 lbs of support for every 32 feet. This load can vary depending on the depth each pier is driven and placed. 
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Pier Types and products we sell, produce and service
1. Titan III HomeShield Pier.
2. D-Drive Concrete Footer Pier.
3. Corkscrew Titan II Mini Pier.
4. Helical Pier.
5. Push Pier System.
6. Screw Spiral Pier.
7. Steel Pier.
8. Hippo Pier with EnviroCoatings
Each pier system gives you peace of mind with a lifetime warranty at affordable prices made right here in America.
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Foundation Repair

Floor Lifting

CrawlSpace Repair


Slab Repair

PolyFoam  Slab Lifting
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Retaining Walls

Water Damage

Water Proofing

Cracked Sheetrock

Brick Repair

Steel Pier Systems

Concrete Pier Systems
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Doors Sticking

Window's Sticking

Concrete Cracks

Leaning Fireplaces

Pier and Beam

Helical Piers

Engineer Consultation

Push Piers

Wall Anchoring

Foundation Repair Leaks

Foundation Inspections
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Drainage Systems

Driveway Cracks

Garage Slab Cracks

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Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
Friday 9 am to 12 noon
Locations Serviced

  • Oklahoma
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • South Carolina
  • Arkansas
  • Tennessee
  • Rhode Island
  • Maine
  • ​Florida
  • Ohio
  • Arizona
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • New York
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  • California
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  • United Kingdom
  • France
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  • Spain
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt
  • Ireland
  • Japan
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  • Alaska
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  • kansas city
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  • tempe
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  • nashville
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  • richmond
  • virginia beach
  • ocean city
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  • augusta
  • burlington
  • long island
  • lousiville
  • greenville
  • charlotte
  • atlanta
  • omaha
  • chicago
  • santa fe
  • baltimore
We service the world with our specialty services in foudation repair and geo thermal services.​
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